Help The U.S. A-Team Get to Estonia


If you know boat racing, chances are you already know the US A-Team.


The team’s 3 goals are:

  1. To establish a permanent American presence at the UIM World Championships
  2. To generate enthusiasm among young US drivers to compete in UIM competition by involving them in the US A-Team racing group.
  3. To place American drivers on the podium at UIM World Championships thus establishing America as a legitimate contender on the world level of small outboard competition.

ateamrallyThe US A-Team is the ONLY team committed to representing the United States at the UIM World Championships in Europe.  These events feature drivers from over 20 different countries and are recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  Olympic Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded to the top 3 competitors.  The experience of representing their country in world class competition is life changing for the young drivers and crew participating.

In a world where “the future of our sport” is discussed at length in posts, meetings etc it’s my opinion that the US A-Team’s mission IS the future of our sport.  Like a kid playing Little League who dreams of playing in the majors or any young racer with wheels under him/her who watches Motocross on Saturday or NASCAR on Sunday; this is the next level / something to shoot for … a path to prove they’re the best in the world … simply amazing!

The US A-Team has begun a Rally Me campaign to fund the shipment of boats and equipment to this year’s competition in Tallinn, Estonia because racing with their own equipment under them is the only way they have a chance to be competitive in this level of competition.  Rally Me is crowd funding site similar to Kickstarter that is focused on fundraising for Olympic and international athletes.  The goal of the campaign is simply to cover the international shipping costs for equipment, no luxurious accommodations or extras, the team is run extremely frugally and team members cover their own personal costs.

Here are three reasons that I am urging you to click on the link and support the team today:

  • Support the world class drivers and team members who have already invested vast amounts of their own time and money to build this organization and provide an opportunity for future racers to represent their country on the world stage.
  • Support our sport; Having a competitive team at the World Championships helps generate interest for new participants in our races in the U.S.  Additionally, a network of interested fans and donors helps demonstrate to potential future sponsors that we are a “legitimate market” worth investing in.  Demonstrate our numbers, our interest our loyal network.  Even if you can’t donate today, like these posts, add a personal message and like and share with your friends, get the word out! Grow the future!
  • Support your country; The Summer Olympics will be happening this summer and it will bring with it a great sense of national pride and competition.  Can you imagine the chance to say you helped the world class athletes get there?  Here’s your chance! In your sport! U.S.A! U.S.A.!!!!!

Think about how much you spent on girl scout cookies this year, how much you spent on ? whatever cause ? they asked you to donate to at the gas station or pharmacy, how much is in the cup holder in your car or your couch cushions? How much will you spend on coffee this month?  What if you redirected those funds to grow the sport we love and support the opportunity for the finest young folks in our sport to have the amazing chance to represent their country on the world stage?

If you would like to learn more or discuss further sponsorship opportunities visit the US A-Team website or feel free to contact me at

Thank You



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