Oral History of Stock Outboard: 1970’s

Settle in for a treat as Diz recounts Stock Outboard Racing in 1970’s

In the dark days before the internet boat racers had a “social media platform” called “the campfire”.  Racers, family, friends and fans would gather in circles around the flame, ingest barley and hops and pass down the oral history of the sport through firsthand accounts of the action.  In this video Diz takes us back to those times and tells the stories behind many of the posts that have performed well “statistically’ even today on this very site.  Diz’s oral history comes to us from the perspective of the South Shore / Region 1 / Runabout clan so many of the stories have that slant but the stories are wonderfully vivid and engaging.  As a member of the neighboring South Shore / Region 1 / Hydro clan beginning just a couple years after Diz’s history ends in this video, I can personally verify ALL of this folklore as I too regularly gathered to hear the elders speak of the legends and tremendous feats of Maloof, McCabe, Nuch, Racer and others.

I know a lot of East Coast racers have a bit of a drive ahead of you as you make your way home from Jesup, take a few minutes and enjoy, if “you were there” and/or have anything to add from any era Post it Below! This could be fun!



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