Clark Maloof – Qunicy, MA – South Shore Outboard

This is a Clark Craft

Clark Maloof B runabout

They were made by Clark in Quincy, MA or in his marina in Squantum just south of Boston. I grew up in the pits with these boats being all around the pits. I even used to race against them (and yes I contributed to the holes!). Back then I had a CastaCraft AU and then with Larry’s help, I made my own. I remember going to Clark’s shop in the early 70’s. I would guess that Clark started making boats in the early 60’s. They were one of “the” boats to have during the mid-60’s through the mid-70’s until the Austin boats began to turn faster. Clark made all runabouts AU,BU,CU,DU & 36 were the most popular ones…. He made J runabouts for the Allen brothers and his son Mark that ran good in the mid-70’s. In the 60’s he even had a couple of “round front” DSH boats- one that he ran and one that Jack “Glasses” Neeley owned. Later on, Clark made his own picklefork DSH that he ran and won the Nationals with several times. You will see photos of them in the book Speed & Spray- about the 74 Nationals in Dayton,OH.

Those who ran the ClarkCraft boats were the following:
AU- *Billy Rosado, *Mike Boon, Fo-Fo Travers, Bobby Humphrey, and later the Allen Brothers.
BU- *Clark Maloof, Bill Giles, Don Brunjes.. and anyone else that would but a MK20H on an AU
CU- *Chuck McCabe,
DU- Stan & *Steve Fitts, *Bill Allen Sr.
36- *Stan Fitts
Those with the asterisk won Nationals with them…..

-Thanks to Peter Crowley and

Here’s a picture of Clark with Jimmy Dawe from the 1974 Dayton Nationals Slideshow

Malook Dawe Dayton

… and here he is again , 14 years later running D-hydro in The Merc Challenge

Maloof Stone


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