Who’s Going to Jesup? I’d expect to see Region 1 Young Gun Jack C.

Here’s a nice picture of Jack Cavanaugh and Tom Nuccio from Jesup last year.


By my calculations, 2016 may begin Jack’s tenth year of racing.  He has raced his way up through the classes, running both the hydro and runabout classes; JSH, JSR, AX, A, 300ssh and 25.  I’m not sure of number of wins or how he has fared in Championships but I for one have certainly seen Jack grow as a driver.

I traveled with Jack, his father and the Mad Russian down to Georgia a few years ago and I was impressed with to learn more about Jack.  We picked him up at school in his ROTC uniform.

Let me clarify; Alex parked the Mad Russian racing trailer in the loop in in front of the High School office where we adjusted gear and Jack changed out of his uniform … true boat racing style!

During the ride Jack talked about the ROTC and you could tell it meant a lot to him at that time, he seemed to have a solid plan around college ROTC and possibly the Navy if I recall.  I recently read on facebook that Jack was accepted to attend college at R.I.T, I wonder if the ROTC is still part of the plan?

Jack raced well in Jesup that year driving his hydro hard in the AX and A classes.  I also enjoyed watching him in Standish duke-ing it out with Billy Simmons in his runabout.  I haven’t personally seen Jack run the 25 but I like the Mercury option in that class (25ssr).  The other guy in the cover photo has proven the Merc. / 25ssr strength for some time.

This has the potential to be a milestone year for Jack, I don’t know what his planned schedule is for the season but if he is planning to make the trek to Hinton I think he has raced on that course before as well!  It’s fun to watch the kids grow up at and through racing … I think the point of this post is that “little” Jack C. is going into this season as an “experienced driver”.

Good Luck Jack!


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