iBoatrace.com Exclusive:

What We Learned at The Maine Boat Show

After hearing that the boat show was in town, iboatrace.com dispatched our crack reporter promptly at noon on Sunday.

It was a gorgeous weekend in Portland the wind was brisk off the bay but the sky was full sun.  I made my way down to the big city for noon on Sunday, I parked in my old neighborhood and walked down over the hill to Fore Street to the Maine Boatbuilders Show

boat Show1

Before I even bought a ticket I was able to check this one out.

boatshow door


Among the rich and famous doing their yacht shopping I found these guys manning the South Shore / A-Team booth and obtained exclusive iboatrace.com interviews with each of them.


So this guy says his team is headed for Tallinn, Estonia; the capital of Estonia this July for the UIM, OSY400 World Championships.

This guy says he raced in a couple marathons in Maine in his A runaboutracer1

He claims he raced all the way from Augusta to Seguin and back and won the race.  Augusta to Seguin Island on the Kennebec River is more than 55 miles, and Seguin Island is 2 or 3 miles out into the open Ocean!  He said when he came back the second year he was beat by a guy with an A motor on a flat bottom row-boat. I was pretty impressed that a rowboat could go that far.racer2








Only 137 days until Standish!

This guy brought his own glossy photos with sharpies to do personalized signatures and introduced himself to young children as the Mad Russian.alex

He said he’s headed to Jesup again this April and taking these fellas with him











The Mad Russian says this one did OK in Georgia last time so he’ll probably take it again.


He was also looking forward to Standish and brainstorming hype and promotion ideas for racing.  I didn’t hear much about the presidential bid but he appeared to still be running.










Our final interview was with this guybilly

He said he once drove this one and it just hooked up and trucked.  He said it made his A feel pretty slow when he got back in it.

Clark Maloof B runabout


He went on to tell me this story:

Starting in 1987, Estonians engaged in a series of mass demonstrations, including spontaneous singing of national songs which had been forbidden since the Soviet occupation.In September 1988, a massive song festival in Tallinn brought in a record 300,000 people, nearly a quarter of all Estonians.  Political leaders were present and the public witnessed the first open calls for restoring the country’s independence.

He said this guy in the picture is going to be here








which has to have these guys pretty interested:

standish3kingston r







But get this! It sounds like he’s going to run one of these

O'Connor 8

So all these guys have to be paying attention as well!stats

I think that’s about it! Looking forward to race season!



One thought on “iBoatrace.com Exclusive:

  1. Looks like J.Howe has his team of reporters lined up for a great season of racing.

    If Mother Nature doesn’t blow us all away or freeze up to death this April we’ll be headed for Jesup with both the 8A and 12A boats. O’Connor is building a new D but it won’t be ready for GA. And, it looks like the “the Mad Russian -12A” is sold…. just waiting on the check.

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