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Help Wanted Sign

… Just like the sign says, here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of the the revolution!


Submit a post: A post can be as simple as a photo that you have with a heading and caption or could be a boat racing article.

Region Reporters: Send an update as often as you would like.  Race updates, Club history, Driver profiles for your region.

Photographers: If you have your own site with items for sale, please let me know how we can link in appropriately and send over a post when you have updates, more eyes = more sales! and we’d love to see them.

GoPro / Video Enthusiasts, Drone Pilots: If you have a Youtube account, show it off here.  Send a post; just some info or a whole article.

Advanced Sports Statisticians: … I have some ideas. haha

I’m just a guy who grew up around the stock outboard races in New England and I loved it.  I have fun with this site but don’t always have a bunch of time to devote to it.  In very simple terms, I would like the site to be that you can send anyone on the street to when they ask; What’s that boat racing thing you do.  I envision the site like a Propeller magazine that you would pull out to start talking about “boat racing” and for me “boat racing” means stock outboard / kneelers.  When laying out the site I studied the motocross site; RacerX and I generally like their approach.  My marketing mind says the site needs to be targeted to 16-35 year olds, as that’s who our sport needs to continue to attract.  I would like to purposely leave out politics, at least for now.  In my posts I have also have tried to “document” some stock outboard history.

Have some fun! Do a class project about boat racing here! Hone your inner author!

Compensation for all positions will be made strictly in your own personal satisfaction and you’re free to make as much as you would like.

Interested parties should send an email to


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