2015 Video Contest: And the winner is …

The winners of the first annual iboatrace winter video contest are:

First Place: Fralick Racing / Andrew Fralick

The on-board footage with telemetry and sponsor placement, from a heat of 302ssh in Standish, Me.has received the most views, votes, likes and Winter-national stye double points to be deemed by the Iboatrace point counters as the winner of the video contest.  The video was submitted by Andrew Fralick from Brampton, Ontario.  Like may of us, Andrew comes from a multi generational racing family.  Rick Fralick started Fralick Racing in 1972 and was a successful racer and boat builder.  This year Rick was inducted into the Canadian Boating Federation’s Hall of Fame.   Both Graham and Andrew Fralick have followed up the racing tradition, competing in multiple classes of stock outboard in CBF races around Ontario as well as the occasional trip to Region 1 and 2 APBA events. Most recently Fralick Racing has ventured into new territory with their Thundercat / inflatable catamarans and even travelled to the United Kingdom to compete in the World Championships.

Not only is this a team setting high goals and competing in world class level competition but they’re also acing the sponsorship game in the internet age.  Follow the team on FralickRacing.com  facebook  twitter   instagram and probably others I’m missing.  Wherever you choose to follow them take note and support their sponsors!

For his efforts Andrew has won himself a heavyweight Rockstar Energy Drink sweatshirt that should come in handy in Ontario

Here’s the video that won:

Second Place goes to Video #2

Sterling Martin and Zach Hallman’s drone and shore coverage from Jesup, GA.  They have promised even more in 2016 and for their efforts this year they have won a Rockstar Energy Drink T-shirt.

Third Place goes to Video #5

Johnny Adams of Adams Racing in Washington takes us on wide-open 20ssh ride through the big west coast turns and warms the Yamato up just a bit at the end.  Johnny pulled down second in the heat and pulls in a Rockstar Energy Drink hat for his efforts



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