12th and final Entry: regata guayaquil vinces 2015 # 59

From Guevara Peter on facebook:

How would you like to take a C-Mod runabout and make some noise on a river in Ecuador?  If that sounds like fun, this is the post for you!  Some one-by-one coverage from shore of the boats coming by in the marathon.  From what I understand these guys put a larger carb and a pipe on Yamatos and run long (I think I heard 29 miles?) marathons, pretty impressive; and they’re big events.  Guys from the U.S. have gone down to these races a few times.  I believe Dave Dewald won it once and a few years back A couple Michigan guys went down.  It would be nice to learn more.  Check out the long shaft class that starts coming by at about 5 minutes in.

These boats have always looked like a classic Austin runabout to me, but this years entries sorta seem to have shorter / more flared sides.  Possibly some Indian River influence.

regata guayaquil vinces 2015 # 59


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