1st Annual iboatrace.com Promo Video Contest

It’s Here! The First Annual iboatrace.com Promotional Video Contest.

Photographers, Videographers, Boat Racers, Fans, Web Junkies let’s get ready for the “Hot Stove Racing Season” in style this year. Here is your chance to pull your photos, videos, go-pro footage or just scavenge the web and demonstrate your superior editing abilities and enter for a chance to win! … all while promoting the sport we all love.

For the first year let’s not not clutter the plan with too many rules.  I’m OK with footage from any year and only ask that the majority of the footage be of kneel down races.  For U.S. entries I’d like to see Stock, Mod and Pro boats as iboatrace.com has been set up as a Stock Outboard site.  For our friends outside the U.S. I’m fine with entries that basically “look” like our U.S. kneel down classes; OSY400, UIM classes, Japanese Kyotei, any of the Ecuador river races etc are all fine with me.  Let’s keep the content family friendly but otherwise be as creative as you can and as long as the video features boat racing send it over for an entry.

To be officially entered send the video or a link to iboatrace44@gmail.com or post it on facebook at iboatrace.com.  Please include your name and email address identifying you as the owner of the entry.  Also if there is anything that you’d like to “plug” along with the entry such as your team name, driver, sponsor, photography business, etc just let me know and I’ll promote it to the best of my ability every time the video is hyped.

I’ll take entries through December 31st and post all videos for voting through January, announcing a winner in early February.  I’ll feature videos here on iboatrace.com plus facbook, twitter, google+, and ??? wherever ?? let’s have some fun and promote our sport!  I have one awesome prize and will try to add more as we get entries.

I will follow this post with three or four videos that have caught my eye this season but as this point there are no entries and the contest is wide open, for any of these videos to be entered I’d like to see the official entry from their owner as outlined above.  As “official entries” come in I’ll post each (pendng content approval) to Youtube, iboatrace.com, facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. and promote the heck out of each.

Let’s have some fun!


2 thoughts on “1st Annual iboatrace.com Promo Video Contest

  1. The grand prize should go to the editor who can assemble the best parts of all these video’s into the best possible representation of the sport. There should be interviews to go with some of the in boat footage, ground level shots of Top O’ to go with the drone footage. Max run time 12 minutes. Right now the 1974 slideshow is the best. All know decent video footage should be solicited to participate in the project.
    Cheers, Ty

    • Thanks Ty. Great ideas. For this year I just wanted an open call to see what we’d get. Although I am also currently working on a separate project very similar to what you are describing. Glad we got you’re attention.

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