Could someone please tell Dylan Runne we’re holding a video contest over here

Dylan Runne has an impressive set of hype videos on his Youtube site.

It appears in addition to being a Hall of Champion level competitor, Dylan Runne (bio) is also pretty handy with a GroPro and some editing software as well.  Check out his collection of videos on his YouTube Site here.

Here are my favorites:

This is Stock Outboard shows footage from a number of race sites, utilizing drone footage, multiple on-board angles as well as static camera footage.  It is well edited and set to music.



Boat Racing at it’s Finest features the drive into Hinton, WV (site of the 2016 national championships), sunny up-beat pit shots and gorgeous on-board racing footage also mostly from Hinton.

Check out his other videos here

…and if you see Dylan, ask him if he wants to officially enter our video contest.


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