Tribute to Bill Giles: South Shore Outboard Association Newsletter

The South Shore Outboard Association: in New England, is a classy organization ….


This past fall South Shore lost one of they’re longest standing and most accomplished racers, Bill Giles.  As fit to do in such situations, South Shore’s Newsletter Editor, Rock Van Buren II, put together a nice tribute to Bill in the Fall Newsletter.

I thought the section would be a nice tribute to Bill here as well.

giles 2

Here is the Newsletter Cover:

Bill Giles South Shore Newsletter Cover1

Here’s an article by Lowell Hanson:

Bill Giles Lowell Hanson Article1

Below is the APBA Honor Nomination from Region 1 Chairman, Peter Crowley, that presents the incredible list of Bill’s boat racing accomplishments. I really hope the picture is able to be blown up and the entire article read, In case it isn’t here are just some of the accomplishments; how’s this for a boat racing bucket list:

  • 12 time National High Point Champion
  • A.C. Kiekhaefer Trophy winner
  • Gulf Hall of Fame and Gulf Gold Cup driver of the Year
  • John & Flora Blank trophy
  • 6 National Championships in 4 different classes over four decades! 
  • 2 Winternationals
  • 2 CBF Canadian National Championships
  • North American Championship
  • International Competition:
    • Member of the first all-American team to win the 24 Hours of Roen, France. (with Fred Miller and Hank Menzies)
    • 2nd place in the 2005 OSY400 World Championships in Nottingham, England

Bill has raced every Stock Outboard class, several PRO and Mod classes and the SE in OPC

… and built boats …. and he was jut a heck of a nice guy! Here in the entire nomination article:

Bill Giles APBA Honor 40 Years of Dedication Article1

Bill Giles South Shore Outboard Association Photos2


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