Video Contest Hype #1

Here’s a video that caught my eye this year:

Excellent combination of On-Board, Drone and shore footage created as a music video for Slipknot / Duality.  The video highlights Jessie Swain and one of the best race sites on the East Coast; Jesup, GA.  Home of next spring’s Winter-Nationals.

I presume the video was created by Corey Brian (???) as it lives on his Youtube page but ???

As I outlined in the contest announcement – This video HAS NOT been entered in the contest (YET).  This is simply one of the videos that caught my eye this season (I wouldn’t mind if it was entered).

If the owner of this video (Or any others!!!!) would like to come forward and submit a name and email address, this video certainly caught may attention and I’m sure it might catch others as well.

Submit video entries to or enter on facebook at


2 thoughts on “Video Contest Hype #1

  1. Hello my name is Sterling Martin, Me and Zach Hallman are the people that created the video from the Jesup race. Will be there this coming year to make a bigger and better video that has a lot more complete races.

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