1988 Mercury Challenge; Whitney Point, NY

Back in time to 1988 when Mercury would roll into races with a truckload of corporate sponsorship.

Skip directly to 54 seconds in for Stock Outboard highlights.

There are a handful of Merc Challenge videos out in the web world, here are 8 reasons I chose this one:

  1. Steve Warnock aired-out to open the coverage
  2. Clark Maloof with his new Merc strapped on his old boat nailing the start on the inside
  3. Flyer Factory Race Team uniforms
  4. Jon Stone explaining that his wheel was “puckered up” and had “a few hickeys”
  5. D’Agostino, Warnock, (?)Mammano(?) podium
  6. and Region 1’s Chucky McCabe for the win in 25ssR!!!
  7. Chucky’s awesome mustache
  8. Pete Nichols holding the boat confirming he was the mastermind that put that driver and boat combination together for the win

What more could you ask for?

Bonus Point Trivia – Who’s boat was the 32-A runabout that Chuck McCabe is shown winning with in this video

When it comes to the Merc Challenge there is one video that I’ve never seen online to date.  Back in the day I had a VHS that I carried around for years that was from Grass Lake and Dave Dewald has a spectacular blow over coming to the start in his runabout.  Wildest blow over I’ve ever seen by a runabout; straight over backwards, may have even landed upright again.  I wore that tape out years ago, I’d love to see it again.  Keep your eyes out, check the back of the closet if any of this sounds familiar.  


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