Standish ME: Northeast Divisional Chapionships

The Racers are coming to Standish!

Drivers from all over the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada will converge on Standish Maine this weekend for The Northeast Divisional Championships.  The first races at Watchic Lake in Standish were held over 50 years ago and while there have been off years between then and now when races were not held in Standish; for nearly a decade now Standish has been the annual season opener for the South Shore Outboard Association.

A nearly perfect site for a racebruce beach

The Kiwanis Beach site on Watchic Lake in Standish is an ideal location to host a race.  The corner of the lake immediately in front of Kiwanis beach is naturally divided from the rest of the lake by an island, it is fairly protected from the wind, it is just the right size for racing and due to the way it is situated area residents are able to use the rest of the lake for recreation while the races are going on without too much intrusion. Keep in mind I said without “too much” … drivers do need to be aware of the occasional rogue roller on the backstretch.  The course is set up where the front stretch runs right down the beach and is ideal for spectators; racing on the entire front and back straights are fully visible as well as turn 2; located at the far end of the pits and going away, turn one is also “mostly” visible to spectators.  The pits run along a sandy beach that gradually slopes and has sandy, grassy and shaded areas on land.  There’s plenty of room to park all trailers and tow vehicles, even the largest.  There are restrooms and basic showers located on site, as well as picnic tables, fire pits, grassy areas and a field to camp in, and even concessions all weekend long provided by the local Kiwanis club. Racers staying on site can even start their morning by taking in a little league baseball game at the adjacent fields if they would like.

Region 1 = Fun!duct tape and west placeholder

If you’re planning your first trip to Region 1, you are in for a treat.  The South Shore Outboard Association prides itself on an efficiently run program, a fun, friendly, inviting social atmosphere, extremely competitive racing and great awards.  Driver’s who have made the trip in the past always end up coming back for more.  There will be testing all day Friday, Concessions will be available in the pits Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Friday night many racers will make their way to Famous Dave’s BBQ and then over to Maine Indoor Karting to duke it out on go-kart track just as a warm up to matching up on the water.  Saturday night there will be a dinner within walking distance of the pits and expect a campfire or two including “boat stories” as well.  Racing will feature the Divisional Championships offering double points and qualification to the Moses Lake Nationals for the larger classes and Standish is the opener of the Mike Cook Northeast Challenge series in CSR and the 2014 Lifeline Northeast Hydroplane Championship Series as well.

… and stiff competitionstandish stock

Last year South Shore hosted their first racing school focused on J-hydro which boosted participation in that class and they have traditionally hosted full fields in AX, A, 20, 25, C and D hydro as well as OSY400.  For runabouts expect full competitive fields in AX, A, 25 and C.  The B classes have been touch and go for hydros and runabouts in recent years but it would be great to see more!  Additionally you can expect to see some modifieds on the water with FER and FEH the most popular with northeast drivers in recent years and also some PRO 125’s and 250’s as well.  South Shore members expected to be active this weekend include the 2013 national high point champions in ASR, 25ssR, OSY400 and 125ccH, past hi point and national champions in every stock outboard class, members of the U.S. A-Team in their final warm up before they leave for the world championships in Poland and of course all the other drivers who regularly race against these guys summer after summer; expect the competition to be fierce!

For more pictures of what to expect at Standish check out Paul Luippold’s full photo galleries:

2013 Spring Race

2013 Fall Race

Or Take a ride with South Shore Regular, Jeff Main in OSY400

… or 20ssh


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