Tabor City NC: What to watch for Sunday



  • Yesterday Carson Fabbro posted his first win of the 2014 season and moved to the top of the JSR rankings, he should be able to extend that lead today.

  • The battle of the day will be between Austin  and Tyler Price; whoever lands higher on the podium will also find themselves in 3rd in the rankings, yesterday it was Tyler over Austin.


  • Yesterday Tyler Price recorded his third win of the season; a perfect season so far.  It is unlikely that he will catch Fabbro (who has two additional days of racing recorded) unless Fabbro fails to collect points today but he does have the chance to turn 3 for 3 into 4 for 4 and a perfect season will work out to the top of the standings as the season progresses.
  • Austin Price came in second yesterday in his first day in JSH this season.  Any finish today, 1st through 4th should get Austin into 4th place in the standings with only two races in the books.
  • Carson Fabbro recorded a third yesterday which was good enough to maintain his place at the top of the JSH standings.  He should be safe at the top today as well with any finish but if today comes in the same as yesterday he will find Tyler Price nipping at his heals, just 100 points back.


  • Becky Nichols recorded her fourth win of the season yesterday in AXR and she cannot be caught today.  Another win today will extend her lead in the standings and continue her nearly perfect season and high point run.
  • Austin Price recorded a second yesterday in his first day of racing AXR this season.  A win today will rocket Austin to third place in the standings and put him on the list of potential challengers to Nichols
  • Carson Fabbro has finished strong in all five days of racing he has competed in in AXR so far and his third place finish yesterday solidifies his position of 2nd in the rankings for at least another week


  • Carson Fabbro recorded his second win of the season yesterday to move him to the top of the standings and he is safe there for at least another week, no matter how he finishes today, but another win would lengthen the lead and put his season to date tally at 3 wins / 1 second; an excellent way to start a season and a potential high point run.
  • Second place yesterday went to Noah Romberg in Noah’s first race of the season.  A win today would rocket Noah to 4th place in the standings and set up the makings for a great season as well.
  • Third went to Katelyn Glossner in her first day of racing this season as well.  A win today would move Katelyn to 5th in the standings.
  • There was no mention yesterday of where Abby Pond or Jack Cavanaugh finished or if they even competed in AXH yesterday, wins by either today could get them into the top three in the standings.


  • Yesterday it was Jesse Swain, Becky Nichols, Jack Cavanaugh as your top three in ASR.  For Swain and Nichols it was their first race of the season in ASR, for Cavanaugh his third.
  • A win by Cavanugh today will put him in second place in the standings.
  • Another win for Swain will place him in third
  • A win by Nichols will move her to fourth overall


  • Abby Pond was the ASH winner on day one in Tabor City and for that she collected the Divsional Championship bonus points and also has secured her place in the finals at the Moses Lake Nationals.  She sits securely at the top of the ASH standings with only one second place finish to accompany her four wins this season.
  • Ryan Runne competed in his first day of racing in ASH this season and recorded a second place at Tabor City.  A win today would move Runne into second place in the standings, as will a second place finish as long as it is not Jack Cavanaugh that beats him.  Any finish first through fourth should be enough to get Runne into the top three in the season standings
  • Jack Cavanaugh finished third in ASH yesterday and propelled himself into third place in the standings.  Any finish 8th or above is enough to walk away from the weekend in second place as long as he beats Runne
  • The real battle on the water in ASH today will be between Runne and Cavanaugh.  After this weekend Pond, Runne, Cavanaugh are likely to be your top three, today’s race will decide who holds second and who holds third.
  • Additionally, Cavanugh will continue to apply the pressure next weekend as a definite starter at the Northeast Divisionals in Standish, ME.  Will Runne post as well or surrender in this battle?


  • Matt D’Agostino ended his day yesterday as the Southeast Divisional Champion in 20ssh.  For his efforts he has secured a spot in the national finals in Moses Lake, WA in August, he has collected his championship bonus points and moved himself into second place in the standings tied with Dana Holt and only 200 points behind Robert Lisus.
  • A win today by D’Agustino will mean that he becomes the first driver in 20ssh in this young 2014 season to post two wins in this highly competitive class.  Additionally, any podium finish by Matt will move him to the top of the current standings
  • Second place yesterday went to Casey Carr.  A win today by Carr will tie him with Robert Lisus either at the top of the standings (should D’Agostino finish fourth or less) or in second (with D’Agostino on the podium)
  • Yesterday’s third place finisher was Ken Terry in his first race of the season.  If Kenny can win today he will find himself in the top three in the standings after his first weekend.



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