Tabor City N.C.: Saturday Recap

A Gorgeous Day for Racing in North Carolina!

Beautiful weather allowed the Carolina Virginia Racing Association to complete a full schedule of racing yesterday including Stock Outboard and Mod. classes.  Yesterday’s racing was the Southeast Divisional Championships and it appears 20ssh and ASH pulled enough participants to award double points and qualify drivers for the 2014 National Championships in Moses Lake WA.  Congratulations Matt D’Agostino (20ssh) and Abby Pond (ASH)!

Here is the full Stock Outboard Results from Saturday and Saturday pictures from across the web:


  1. Carson Fabbro
  2. Tyler Price
  3. Austin Price


  1. Tyler Price
  2. Austin Price
  3. Carson Fabbro


  1. Becky Nichols
  2. Austin Price
  3. Carson Fabbro


  1. Carson Fabbro
  2. Noah Romberg
  3. Katelyn Glossner


  1. Jesse Swain
  2. Becky Nichols
  3. Jack Cavanaugh


  1. Abby Pond
  2. Ryan Runne
  3. Jack Cavanaugh


  1. Matt D’Agostino
  2. Casey Carr
  3. Ken Terry


  1. Jesse Swain
  2. Adam Allen
  3. JT Bried

Notable surprises: No B classes, no 25ssR, no CSH

And at the potluck dinner, everyone was a winner!



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