Power Rankings: Tabor City Edition

If your keeping score at home; in terms of race days last week it was Mother Nature 4, Stock Outboard Racers 0.

First the races in Ohio were cancelled due to rain and flooding and then Castle Rock, WA was blow out or “blown off” to use the proper northwest term.  As a result no stock outboarders hit the water to collect points in what should have been our first multi race weekend of the season and the power rankings look the same as last week in terms of point leaders, with only the races on deck changing the current scenarios.

Setting the stage:

It is very early! Certainly, EVERY points race is still up for grabs.  More East Coast drivers will open their season this weekend at Tabor City and those that have already attended southeast races and Millville have a chance to extend their current points leads:

Racers in the Southwest have had three days of racing in Parker, AZ; two late last fall after the points calendar flipped over for the new year and one day early this year.  The next opportunity for Southwest driver to improve their rank will come at the end of the month in Lake Minden. 

The Southeast has seen a limited schedule event at the Orange Cup in Lakeland, FL and two full days (including winter-nationals bonus points) in Jesup GA.  Many drivers who attended these races find themselves sitting at the top of the power rankings and they will be in the spotlight again this weekend with the Southeast Divisional Championships in Tabor City, NC, again with those potential Championship bonus points.

Millville, NJ opened up the race season for the East Coast two weekends ago with two full days of racing.  Many East Coast drivers had already travelled South to open their season and more will find themselves in North Carolina this weekend at the Divisionals.  Some mid-atlantic drivers will make their way to Maine next week and then Franklin, PA is on the schedule in two weeks.

 The Racing Season in the Northeast and the Upper Mid-West opens next weekend in Standish, ME with the Northeast Divisional Championships and in Pell Lake, WI.

Yelm, WA opened the Northwest schedule Two weekends ago with two days of limited schedule racing but then Northwest drivers and fans found themselves sitting on wind hold all last weekend in Castle Rock.  Northwest drivers will find themselves back on the water in two weeks in Neberg, OR.

Class by Class breakdown:


I show JSH racers in the southeast have taken advantage of the early races to jump out front.  However, I know I am missing Yelm results (feel free to post in the messages below).  I show the following top three but with Yelm results this may change.  JSH is on the schedule and Fabbro has indicated that he will attend to try to extend his lead.

  1. Carson Fabbro: 1250
  2. Fisher Dyle: 900
  3. Tyler Price: 800


So far I have only results for JSR from Jesup, GA and I don’t see any indications of JSR being run in Tabor City.

  1. Fisher Dyle: 800
  2. Carson Fabbro: 600
  3. Emily Hutchinson: 450

Casey Jones AXH

AXH is already a battle!  AXH racers from FL, CA and NJ are already in the mix and the races in Washington should only bring more to the party.  Casey Jones has grabbed the lead by running all three races in AZ.  Gordon Jennings and John Wlodarski have both swept a weekend of racing and Carson Fabbro & Erin Pittman alternated firsts and seconds at Jesup.  I am anticipating Wlodarski, Fabbro and Pittman all racing in Tabor City and a power shift to the east in AXH this weekend.

  1. Casey Jones: 900
  2. Gordon Jennings 3rd & John Wlodarski: 800 *unofficial (Millville)
  3. Carson Fabbro & Erin Pittman: 700

 Becky NicholsAXR

Becky Nichols has taken full advantage of the early races in the Southeast and she has started strong.  Competing in two days of racing at The Orange Cup and two days at Jesup she has only been beaten once and in that race she posted a close second.  Carson Fabbro has competed strong in all four days of racing in the southeast as well and shows up second.  And the one person to beat Nichols so far? Well that was Colin Smith who came all the way from Michigan to compete in the Winter-Nationals and drove home with a first and a second.  Smith shows up third in our standings for his efforts.  Nichols racing has already indicated that they plan to attend the Southeast Divisionals in Tabor City as has Fabbro.  Colin Smith has made an appearance in Tabor City in the past, will he show again?  With potential Championship bonus points on the line, the opportunity for another east coast driver to come out of the shadows is there as well.

  1. Becky Nichols: 1500
  2. Carson Fabbro: 1050
  3. Colin Smith: 700


At the Winter-Nationals in Jesup, Abby Pond flexed her muscles and was the class of the field in her Sidewinder powered ASH.  Two weekends ago at Millville however; Max Acierno said not so fast and took the win over Abby on Saturday, then she came back and posted another first on Sunday.  At this early point in the season Abby’s lead looks enormous but keep in mind she is the only ASH driver to compete in 4 days of racing so far.  Nicole Knudson and Casey Jones have both competed in all three days of racing at Parker AZ and both have enjoyed a win which gets them into 2nd and 3rd position in the points race.  Pond will be back in action this weekend in Tabor City NC with potential championship bonus points on the table as well, possibly Acierno will show for the challenge as well and the question of the week is who else can catch Abby’s sidewinder. The next race for Knudson and Jones is likely Lake Minden at the end of the month and for that reason I am expecting a shift to the east in ASH as well.

  1. Abby Pond: 1500 *unofficial (Millville)
  2. Nicole Knudson: 795
  3. Casey Jones: 640


In my opinion ASR was the most exciting class at Jesup.  Watching some of the top drivers in the nation go head to head competing with motors produced from three different motor manufacturers made for exciting racing with different story lines unfolding as the race went on. Billy Simmons and Sidewinder are sitting on a big lead thanks both to strong runs at Jesup including Winter-Nationals bonus points and an extra weekend of racing, in Millville, over his nearest competitors.  I show last year’s national high point champ; Manny Diaz in second representing OMC and Colin Smith and Mercury in third.  Simmons is likely to race in Tabor City NC with the potential to pick up even more bonus points and both Simmons and Diaz are probable in Standish ME.  Colin Smith has made the trip to Tabor City in the past but it’s unknown at this point if he will this year.  Who else will open their season in Tabor City to mount a challenge?

  1. Billy Simmons: 1900 *unofficial (Millville)
  2. Manny Diaz: 850
  3. Colin Smith: 769

108 BSH

In Jesup it was Abby Pond with Callie Shensky nipping at her heels heat after heat in BSH, while Ryan Runne battled motor issues.  When the Millville results came in, however Runne must have got his motor issues ironed out as he swept the weekend over Pond. Will it be Pond or Runne this week in Tabor City?

  1. Abby Pond: 1400 *unofficial (Millville)
  2. Ryan Runne: 800 *unofficial (Millville)
  3. Callie Shensky: 600



No Races run yet for this class

Robert Lisius20SSH

It is with great regret that I say I know my tabulations in two of the largest and most competitive classes (20ssh & CSH) are incomplete.  Specifically, I do not have the full results (beyond 1-3) at Yelm. I would greatly appreciate if someone could post them below and we can work together to get this more exact.  Even with my incomplete results I can guarantee 20ssH is a “horse race” as it is most years.  I don’t show anyone having reached two wins yet; Lisius has achieved 1000 points courtesy of one win and a second which included the Winter-Nationals bonus and Holt has 800 with a win at the Winter-Nationals; his only day of racing.  Fuller, Hale and Kelly all have posted a win and a second.  I was predicting an active weekend in the rankings last weekend with the potential of Holt running in Ohio and Kelly in WA but both races ended up cancelled due to weather.  I haven’t seen posting for Holt or Lisius indicating if they will be in Tabor City but guarantee many more drivers will enter the race this weekend, including former national champion in the class Matt D’Agostino who has indicated he will open his 20ssh season this weekend.

  1. Robert Lisius: 1000
  2. Dana Holt: 800
  3. Chip Fuller, David Hale & J. Michael Kelly: 700 *unofficial (Millville & Yelm)


25ssR has only run at Jesup so far and it was Nuccio, Affholter, Weber both days. The standing are likely to get shaken up weekly before they even start to sort themselves out, as drivers around the country get going in this popular class:

  1. Tom Nuccio: 800
  2. Mike Affholter: 600
  3. Tim Weber: 450

Dana Holt CSH

Dana Holt has amassed 1200 points after completing only one entry blank in CSH.  By sweeping his elimination race and the Winter-Nationals finals and collecting those valuable bonus points he has done everything he needs to do so far in this young season to set himself up for a high point run and he has set the bar high for other CSH drivers.  Jessie Rhueling has landed himself in second by competing in the most days of racing in CSH (or any other class) to date. Rhueling raced both days at the Orange Cup and CSH elminations, finals and day two at Jesup.  Rhueling’s 5 days of racing is more than any other driver so far in 2014.  Charlie Pater matched Holt’s elimination win at Jesup and then came in second to him in the final to show up third in our rankings.  After two days of racing in the books Jeffrey Conant and J. Michael Kelly both are still in the running to post the perfect season, can they do it and challenge Holt?  Holt, Rhueling and Pater are all possible for Tabor City along with other drivers opening their 2014 season.  Conant & Kelly will be idle.

  1. Dana Holt: 1200
  2. Jessie Rhueling: 1027
  3. Charlie Pater: 825
  4. Jeffrey Conant & J.Michael Kelly: 800 *unoffical (Yelm)

 RC Hawie and Tom NuccioCSR

I expected the power to flip west last week in CSR then flop back east after Tabor City, but with Castle Rock blown-off the door is open for current east coast drivers in CSR to extend their lead and new drivers to enter the fold. One Fabbro has confirmed attendance in Tabor City while the other is confirmed not to attend.  Early indications on the forums show CSR will be one of the largest classes at Tabor City, likely to qualify for Championship bonus points as well, the door is open for another CSR driver to enter the rankings and possibly even lead after the weekend if that turns out to be the case.

  1. RC Hawie: 1150
  2. Chris Fabbro: 1059
  3. Greg Fabbro: 1032
  4. Jessie Swain: 800
  5. Kyle Bahl & Kyle Lewis: 700 *unofficial (Yelm)


The top spot in DSH is currently held by a non-DSH driver who drove a borrowed boat to the Winter-Nationals win.  Vanover is unlikely to run a full schedule of D this season so the top spot is up for grabs.  I am not anticipating DSH will be on the schedule at Tabor City.  Not sure about Pell Lake; but I can assure you a full class will be run at Standish ME for the divisionals.  At this point DSH is wide open!

  1. Austin Vanover: 800
  2. Tie: Alex Poliakoff / Brent Walbrun: 525


At this point no races have been run in this class

Jeff Brewtser302SSH

302ssH ran two days at Jesup and National Champion Jeff Brewster swept the weekend.  Robert Lisius recorded two seconds and Tom Johnston 2 thirds.  All drivers will be idle this weekend and I’m not sure when 302ssH shows up on the schedule again.

  1. Jeff Brewster: 800
  2. Robert Lisius: 600
  3. Tom Johnston: 450

Post Comments!  Correct my mistakes!  Add your thoughts!  Love it? Hate it?  What more would you like to see?

* Disclaimer: This is an attempt at an as up-to-date as possible summary of the projected points battle including race results that have not been officially reported by APBA.  If it helps distinguish; consider the standings above, my personal “power rankings”.  The rankings shown above include points officially reported on the APBA site and estimated points reported from various unofficial sources which may be incorrect or incomplete.  My intent is to provide the most up-to-date projections of what I think the points races look like, demonstrate how upcoming races may affect these rankings/projections as well as the actual APBA points races, have fun and promote Stock Outboard and competition. If you see something that you believe is incorrect, please comment in the message box and I will update my tabulations accordingly.  The American Power Boat Association is the only organization that tabulates and reports the official points race and high point awards for Stock Outboard racing sanctioned by APBA.  The official posted points can be viewed under the resources tab on the APBA web site.  



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