Tabor City N.C.: Southeast Divisional Championships

Drivers from up and down the east coast will converge on Tabor City North Carolina this weekend for the Southeast Divisional Championships.

Lake TaborTabor City North Carolina is located in Columbus County, North Carolina, just north of the South Carolina border and about 30 miles northwest of Myrtle Beach.  The town is named after the Mt. Tabor Baptist Church which was organized shortly after 1840 and named after the biblical Mt. Tabor.  Once known as the “Yam Capital of the World”, Tabor City pays tribute to the areas sweet potato crop every October with the North Carolina Yam festival.  Today the area focuses on agriculture, light manufacturing retail and tourism.  In addition a large state prison provides many jobs for the area.  Being so close to Myrtle Beach, SC and the beaches of Brunswick County, NC the area has led to expected growth in the town’s housing industry.

Some Places to see while in Tabor City:one room school

The Todd House is a classic southern style buffet restaurant dating back to the 1920’s.  They are open daily for lunch and dinner and stay open lat enough (8pm) to get there and enjoy some home cooked goodness after a day of racing.  They also advertise Doughnut holes for $2.00 a dozen and Glazed Doughnuts for $6.00 a dozen, what more could you ask for before a full day of racing.

Of historical significance there is the The Tabor City School House and the Railroad Depot.  The school house is a one room school house circa 1900 that was restored by the historical society of Tabor City and Brunswick county. It is open daily, M-F 8:30am-4:30pm and 10am-2pm on Saturday.  The railroad depot is located behind fourth and Main Street.  It displays a number of artifacts depicting the times when the railroad was an integral part of daily living in the town.  It is also open M-F 8:30am- 4:30pm and Sat 10am – 2pm.

Lake Tabor Bait and Tackle is a fishing supply shop and wildlife service agent located at 111 Lynwood Norris rd. If you’d like to do some fishing while in Tabor City, this is where you can pick up your license, bait and the local knowledge of the sweet spots to find the big one.  Lake Tabor Bait and Tackle has also, traditionally been a nice supporter of the boat races, advertising and promoting race dates on their facebook page and promoting all forms of recreation on the lake.  We are always thankful for the local support.

And of course, Lake Tabor!tabor city file photo

Lake Tabor is a 100+ acre recreational lake complete with bait and tackle shop, piers, boat launches, picnic areas and ball fields. In addition to Stock Outboard racing held annually on the lake there is also a monthly bass tournament and regular drag boat races.  Tabor City has become an annual stop on the Stock Outboard tour and we are very grateful to have it.  This year it hosts the Southeast Divisional Championships and the competition will be intense and racers compete for Divisional bonus points and qualifying spots to the National Championships.

Race Weekendtabor city file 2

The race is being conducted by The Carolina Virginia Racing Association.  There will be testing at Lake Tabor on Friday and two full days of racing Saturday and Sunday.  This will be the opening weekend of racing for many drivers, while for others who are from (or have traveled to) areas located further south have already competed in up to 5 days of racing so far this season.  Due to weather related issues in both Ohio and The Pacific Northwest last weekend which cancelled both races, you will likely see the current national points leaders in all classes at Tabor City.  As the Southeast Divisional Championship race for 2014, the Tabor City race should enjoy higher than average attendance and draw drivers from many regions; top drivers from Florida, Maine and Michigan have already committed their attendance.  For the spectator, Stock Outboard boat racing offers an up close and personal look at the exciting world of motor sports in a family friendly environment.  Admission is free, drivers and crews welcome questions and discussion with interested fans and if you think you might like to “do this” now or in the future; just mention that to a racer, I guarantee you will get a positive response and follow up to encourage your future participation.  There is a potluck supper on Saturday night for racers, friends, family and fans being organized by Abby Pond.  For more info click here

And the weekend forecast looks GREAT!:

Tabor weekend forecast

All things are falling into place for an amazing weekend of racing in Tabor City.  I hope to see you there!


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