Castle Rock, WA: Weekend Recap

Mother Nature is demonstrating her place in “The Power Rankings” this weekend. Having already taken two days from the race schedule in Ohio this weekend, today Castle Rock was blown out.  They will attempt to run the complete Mod Divisionals and the rest of the schedule tomorrow.  Let’s hope for better conditions.

In other news: Apparently sales up to near record levels at Papa Pete’s Pizza.  The pizza is fantastic and is served with a side of boat stories.

The horseshoe pits are getting a workout.

And when you’re at the Silver Lake Resort and the going gets tough … the tough go fishing 🙂


Here’s the official word on the blow-out from the Seattle Outboard Association:

Well we have been blown off for today. Sorry about the wind, 20mph and water rollers is just too much. We will try again tomorrow, mod Divisional will be run tomorrow

Here’s the forecast for tomorrow, let’s hope they can squeeze some racing in.  Nothing $uck$ more than a blow-out:

Sunday Weather

No Luck …. Blown- “off” Sunday as well


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