Castle Rock, WA: A Quick Turn-around for Northwest Racers

Castle Rock, WA-

Submitted by Kyle Bahl

Race two of region 10’s 2014 outboard season comes only 5 days after the ending of Yelm in Castle Rock, WA on Silver Lake.

silver lake resort

This race comes with another northwest spectacular view! Silver lake in Castle Rock is located 45 miles north of Portland, OR just west of Mount St. Helen’s. Yeah, THAT Mount St. Helen’s! The view from Silver Lake Resort is spectacular and nothing short of picturesque for those weekend warrior camera folk. This will be SOA’s third year running of the Mt. St. Helen’s regatta and it will host the Western MOD Divisional. This will be the first race hosted by Seattle Outboard Association with a day of sanctioned testing on Friday May 2nd. We will be racing out of Silver Lake Resort, who has been a fantastic host. With the Motel resort right on the water next to the boat launch, you literally can wake up with a coffee in your hand, step out to the second story balcony and start watching racing! It’s a great little resort that can’t be beat for convenience and the view’s already mentioned.

mt st helens 2The Mount St. Helen’s regatta has sanctioned STOCK, MOD, PRO, and Junior racing and we expect over 100 entries once again. This year will be interesting in two aspects: 1) we will be working with a local bass fishing club hosting a tournament on the last the same weekend. The good thing is they have reached out to us and will be working with the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s and us to work together to share the lake. This is a positive to boat racing in general and could show a way that two clubs for two sports can share a lake. I hope this can be a great example of that planning and cooperativeness. 2) We have more racers this year! With bigger and bader trailers! Silver Lake Resort’s pits are mainly used as campground, but very small campground. This year we will all have to work together to make sure, logistically, the pits are not overcrowded and that we all have the room we need/want.

The Yamato classes will be promenade of course with 20SSH, CSH, 25SSR, CSR, and our local “Novice C.” Region 10 should pull eliminations in three of those classes. Don’t worry; the SOA board has been working on an eliminations schedule so that all racers get two heats!

Castle rockAnd lastly we welcome the MOD category for the Western Divisional. Classes run will be 200CCMH, 200CCMR, 500CCMH, 500CCMR, 750CCMH, and 850CCMH. This should be very exciting to see the MOD category this well represented this early in the year. 500CCMH should be the biggest class with up to 10 boats. The course this year will be a little smaller than usual, about 7/8 of a mile, so that should come into play with the MOD boats that can really punch out of the corner!

I know racers are getting ready for a fun 2014 season in region 10 and these first races will really show who has prepared the most to come compete!

New boats, new motors, new racers, New Year! Can’t wait! See everyone in the first turn!


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