The Kassidy Project: A great story of a girl determined to do what it takes to run JSH

A determined 9 year old does what it takes to race J-Hydro

When nine year old Kassidy Jones of Montclair, CA. went to her dad and asked about the possibility of racing her Uncle Casey’s A Stock Hydro.  Dad used the opportunity to get Kassidy to step out of her comfort zone, demonstrate her determination to drive and teach some excellent life skills.  Dad said she could race under one condition; she had to figure out a way to come up with the funds.  A pretty tall order indeed.

sponsor cassidyThe next day Kassidy shared with her uncle a picture she had drawn on Dad’s tablet of her in the boat racing.  That picture was the genesis of a fund raising plan and was used for the sponsorship cards she sold at an upcoming trade show she attended with her Dad and Uncle.  The Kassidy Project was born.  Kassidy spent the next three days standing next to the “Miss AMSOIL” JSH set up on display at the NSRA Western Street Rod Nationals and she was scared stiff!  She wanted to talk to people, but was out of her comfort zone.  With some encouragement she began to reach outside of herself and tell people her story and what she wanted to do.  She demonstrated her dedication to get into boat racing by not giving up and facing the difficult task of being rejected but still pushing on to reach her goal and her initiative was well received.

For each sponsorship of $5, $10 or $20 sponsors could write their name on a card with the picture she had drawn of her racing and the card was taped to the boat. By the end of the weekend, the boat was covered with sponsor cards and she had reached her goal of 30 sponsors.

Kassidy is committed to going to The Lake Minden Classic in Nicolaus CA on May 31st and get some driving time in that boat.  Dad says they’re looking to borrow safety gear for the first race so she can see what it’s all about and decide if she likes it before making the investment but with the determination she’s shown so far I’m not betting this girl is stopping for anything.

Go to The Oil Twins facebook page to follow up with Kassidy’s progress this season

Click through this gallery to see Kassidy’s progress collecting sponsors as the weekend went on:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I trolled around the internet all weekend looking for race coverage and putting together posts; this story stopped me in my tracks and I had to keep checking back to see how Kassidy was doing with her sponsors.  I think this is a nice demonstration of the life lessons and life skills learned from racing and being around the wonderful community of racers.  This is exactly the type of story that I imagined and have been looking for to feature on this site. I’m going to do my best to keep up with this story and give updates from Minden.


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