Yelm, WA: Saturday Bits & Pieces


Boat race weekend! 2014 season has begun! First stop? Yelm,wa for the 1 2/3 course! — feeling excited – Kyle Bahl / facebook

It’s been a long, cold, and wet winter. But it’s the start of racing season! — Will Smoot / facebook

Racing season has began. Oh did I miss the roar of the motors and the smell of gasoline! — Kristina Kelly / facebook

Record water anyone?! — Kyle Bahl / facebook

A little windy today in yelm, but race-able! Stock Outboard entries:

  • 19 C stock hydros
  • 12 20ssh,
  • 6 jh
  • 4 csr

Awesome turn out! First heats done and my new boat ran awesome! 1st in its first heat of csh! – Kyle Bahl

According to the APBA Social Site one record was unofficially set in CSH by J.Michael Kelly at 63.838 mph.  CSR came close to setting a new record as well.



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