#TBT: Millville, NJ

Only “Throwing it back” one year, but with the races returning to Millville this weekend this seems pertinent:

Here is an article from April of 2013 featured on TheDailyJournal.com on the races at Laurel Lake in Millville, NJ and Millville resident and racer; Loretta Langlois.

For the full article and video click here

Millville boat racer speeds ahead of her competition

MILLVILLE — The calm waters and serene landscapes of Laurel Lake saw the return this weekend of the Delaware Valley Outboard Racing Association’s semi-annual boat racing tradition.

More than 50 racers competed in the two-day event, which has been held each spring and autumn for more than four decades.

Those who didn’t compete watched from the gravel sidelines along Lakeshore Drive — many of whom camped out for the weekend in trailers along the lake.

Each day’s races featured two types of boats, mono-hull roundabouts and hydroplanes, with speeds reaching close to 60 mph for some boats.

The races themselves consisted of three mile-long laps around a small island on the lake, in which racers weaved through floating yellow lane markers.

Although the event is focused mainly around competition, many racers and onlookers said they simply enjoy being with their friends and enjoying the day together.

Millville residents Charles and Carol Reiser said they were happy just watching the races and enjoying the seasonably warm weather from a bench right by the lake.

“It’s positive,” Carol said. “It’s something you could bring your family to and enjoy.”

Her husband Charles said he enjoyed the speed of the boats whizzing by.

“It’s fascinating how fast they go,” he said.

One of those fast boats was driven by Millville resident Loretta Langlois, who placed first in different races each day.

Standing beside the trailer that contained the boat that carried her to victory, the 17-year-old said she started racing when she was 9, and raced in Millville’s boat races until age 11 when a state law that prohibited racers under 16 years of age from participating took effect.

Now that she’s legally allowed to race in the state again, Langlois jumped at the opportunity to show the boys who is the queen of Laurel Lake.

Sounding modest about her victory, Langlois said she merely liked racing alongside her friends.

“I like everything about it,” she said of racing. “The feeling … everyone’s really nice.”

Many others who participated shared her sentiments.

“I enjoy the people, the camaraderie,” said Robin Kobren of Riegelsville, Pa. “My friends are my family. I think everyone here feels the same way.”

Kobren said she normally competes in the races with her daughter, but said she decided to sit out the races this year.

Bobby Brown, of Tunkhannock, Pa., who raced in Sunday’s races, said he felt the same.

“The people here are really nice,” the 32-year-old said. “Everybody’s out here helping each other. It’s really amazing.”


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