#TBT: Millville 1969

1969 Motor Boating Magazine:

Well I have to admit, I’m new to all this “hashtag stuff”.  While I was glad to come across the newspaper article on Lily and be able to include it I felt a one year old article was just a bit weak to be featured as my first official “Throwback Thursday” entry.

So here is my second attempt.  The racers will be opening the Northeast season in Millville, NJ this weekend and Millville has always been a very welcoming and gracious host for races.  Check out the Calendar of Upcoming events from the July 1969 issue of Motor Boating magazine compiled very neatly by Ms. Ruth B. Smith.

If I’m reading this correctly, there was racing in Millville, in 1969, for the first three weekends in September; first the inboards then two weeks of outboards, how awesome is that! Three weekends in a row!

old millville calendar

Thank You Millville!!!



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