Yelm, WA: Racing in the Northwest opens this weekend and records will be broken!

2014 Region 10 outboard racing starts with a fury!

Yelm, WA- SOA is pleased to be back once again with Seattle Inboard Racing Association (SIRA) for its spring Run for the Record at Yelm, WA. This year will feature the 1 2/3 record course. This the same course we ran last year that saw records from Jason Williams (750CCMH, 81.859MPH), John Maroney (500CCMH, 72.307MPH), Dave Sullivan (20SSH, 61.771MPH), and I, Kyle Bahl, (CSR, 60.267MPH).

This year SOA will feature the JH, CSH, 20SSH, CSR, 500CCMH, 750CCMH classes to be run with SIRA’s inboard hydroplane schedule.© F. Peirce Williams 1995 Lake Lawrence at Yelm, WA is a notorious lake for setting water speed records. Many on the west coast call in the fastest water in the world! Many mid-west and east coast racers that have made the journey can tell you the same. The Froehlich family from Florida set countless stock records at Lake Lawrence in the 80’s and 90’s. Also so has the Pavlick’s, Smith’s, Allen’s, McKean’s, and Sweeney’s as of recently.

Yelm is a quaint little town about 60 miles south of Seattle, WA. Lake Lawrence, about 10 minutes from Yelm, has a stunning view of Mt. Rainer when you come around turn 2! Mt. Rainer is of course the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States at 14, 411 feet.

Records are made to be broken and should again be broken at this spring’s Run for the Record. In the 500CCMH class, not only is the current record holder, John Maroney, going to be there, but so will 8 other entries! 500CCMH class is the fastest growing adult class in region 10 outboarding.  This year will even include a new entry from Dean Hobart. He of course will be having J. Michael Kelly behind the wheel. JMK will be back running a few more outboards this year than in years past, and I’m sure he will be gunning for Mr. Maroney’s very fast record.

bahl runaboutThe CSR class will feature a smaller boat count than normal, but 4-5 very fast entries. Kyle Lews from Seattle, WA captured his first two records of his career last fall at Lake Lawrence in the CSR and 25SSR class (1 ¼ mile course). “KLEW” will be gunning for my record this spring on the 1 2/3 course. His owner, Lee Sutter, and he have been diligently at work to make that happen. Their speed is there, but so is Kyle Hannon, Aaron Adams, Drew Thompson and me! This is going to be a great battle.

The JH class will most likely compete with CSH for the largest class at the spring Yelm. JH has been another fast growing class, where it ballooned to 12 entries at the end of last year! I expect nothing less than 10 of them arriving this week. Will records be broken? I’m not sure; all I know is the Junior class in region 10 is alive and kicking for the first time in a long time. It’s exciting to see so many new faces starting to compete in hydro racing. We have a combination of a great group of new kids and a great group of legacy kids to battle it out.

It will be great to see so many boats on the water in Yelm.  Should be a fun and exciting start to the 2014 season!

Click Here to see the American Power Boat Association speed records that these drivers will be looking to break this weekend


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