Jesup, GA Sat recap

Just another gorgeous day of racing in the Georgia sun, what more could you ask for!  Saturday went off pretty much without a hitch. One driver was transported in the ambulance after a brush with her own boat after going out in the turn in ASR and while the scrapes and cut looked awful they were only cosmetic. Some of the highlights of the day were; the 3f boat winning the JSR class by a half a lap, Manny Diaz pulling off the multiple motor battle in ASR with his OMC, in DSH the Tohatsu’s of Vanover and Poliakov jumped out front of the mercs and made the race all their own each taking a heat with the other a close second. In AX hydro the 24 A and 6H went side by side for a whole lap before 6H eventually pulled out for the win. In B hydro Abbey Pond and the 58M traded heats with Ryan Runne on their heels but unable to finish either heat.


Well thats about bout it from memory. In terms of the blog I can see much more effort will be needed to provide the coverage I would like in the future. Stay tuned, I’ll go back to the drawing board and do better next month.

If you’re in the area stop by. We’re deep into the Sunday schedule but racing should start around noon and we should have another full afternoon of fun at the lake


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