Jesup, GA Friday recap

In regards to racing, Friday went offf without a hitch. Beautiful weather and competitive racing all day. In regards to technology, I’ve got to come up with a better plan for reporting from the races. I thought I had a plan but that didn’t work out so I’m forced to post from my phone which makes uploading pictures nearly impossible and een posts kill the battery almost immediately. I imagine much more for this site and I’ll keep working to have better coverage at later races.

In terms of stock classes. I think the most competitive all day may have been A stock runabout where we saw close racing between boats powered by mercury, omc and sidewinder in both heats. When the checkered flew Billy Simmons walked away with the win powered by sidewinder. In another class with multiple motor combinations; Eric Vanover drove a Tohatsu powered D hydro that he had never driven before to a close win in heat 1 and walked away from the field in heat 2 for the winter-national championship. Abby pond won A hydro and B hydro going away. C hydro was the largest class of the day with elimination heats. In elimination 2 heat 1. Mel Thomas dipped a sponson going to the first turn and was thrown out. In elimination 1 heat 2 two boat got swallowed by a roller in the upper turn with both drivers going out in synchronized flips but ok. The finals were full of gun jumpers and boats running single heats as they got dried out, I’ll have to get an update on the winner. 25 runabout also saw a double boat flip in the upper turn taking out the boats running second and third on the course and Tom Nuchio drove to the win. I’ll have to get the official word on CSH and 20 later today.

Racing should start back up around noon today to finish out the winter-nationals and then move to the second day of racing. Some one down if you’re nearby. We have beautiful weather, perfect water and a huge beautiful camping area.

i apologize again for the spotty coverage. Not at all what I have planned for the future. I realize there is work to do in terms of technology and reporting while I’m actually at the races. Hopefully this is enough to tide you over until I can pull together a full recap later in the week and work out the links for future races.


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