Jesup, GA Friday morning

Well, we made it to jesup. The trip was, as expected, very similar to my previous post. I am dealing with some technical difficulties and posts may be pretty choppy as I attempt to post from my phone. I’ll do the best I can though over the weekend and clean up everything next week.

The good news!  Excellent turnout and an absolutely beautiful site. I can’t imagine how you would build a better boat racing site. It looks like we’re gearing up for a great winter nationals and I’ll do my best to get some posts online over the weekend. Should be a good opportunity to work out some kinks in terms of the site so it can be perfect when we “go live” next month.


2 thoughts on “Jesup, GA Friday morning

  1. Driver meeting going on now. Looks like a full field of classes. Just being within earshot I heard elimination heats for CSH. Not sure on others. WE’LL BE RACING SOON. STAY TUNED!

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