West Coast Update 4/4/2014

I’ll be pretty straightforward here and say my West Coast coverage is going to limited to whatever I can pick up on the forums and facebook.  I want to include as much as can however.  Any volunteers for a West Coast reporter?

Parker, AZ

As of yesterday afternoon, Marlee and the Hill’s are packed and on the road to Parker.

Marlee Parker

Kenmore, WA

Kyle Bahl has put together Merc 20h popper to take on the slough.

Kyle Bahl Kenmore

Gleason racing is ready to hit the Kenmore hydroplane cup Tomorrow! First race boats on the sammamish slough in almost 40 years! Rocking Patrick Gleason‘s old price craft ‘my old flame’ with a mercury thumper! —

Kyle plans at the boat show or in the pits all day (when he’s not racing) if you’d like to meet him or have any questions on racing. He also has a two boat display for spectators at the boat show.  The boat show is located at Log Boom Park and the pit area for the demonstration/race is at the end of the slough near the Kirkland bridge on 68th Street.




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