Local Newspaper Coverage 4/2/14: The Sammamish Slough Kenmore, WA.

From The Redmond-Reporter.com 4/2/14:

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Four cities to remember historic Sammamish River boat races on Sunday in Kenmore

The idea of racing hydroplane boats 80-100 miles per hour up and down the Sammamish River would shock many people these days. But it used to be commonplace from 1933-1976.

“It brought up to 80,000 people to see the races,” said artist Amberly “Gaul” Culley, whose father-in-law, Dave Culley, used to race on the river. “It was definitely dangerous and exciting.”

The city of Kenmore and Gaul, along with King County’s 4Culture’s Historic Sites program, will present “Remembering History: The Sammamish Slough Boat Races Event” from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday at Kenmore City Hall.

The event features guest speakers and past slough boat race drivers, videos and photos of the races. The Recreational Boating Association of Washington President Steve Greaves will be the keynote speaker and Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum representatives will also be on hand.

“We have provided most of the historical material, including films, news clippings and photos,” said Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum Executive Director David Williams, who graduated from Bothell High School in 1975.

It will also feature a Classic Boat Show with the Unlimited Hydroplane MISS WAHOO and a build your very own origami boat workshop.

The Sammamish River “Slough Race” featured hydroplane greats like Bill Muncie, Lee Sutter and Chip Hanauer, who raced the slough.

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